This Week At Enlighten : Cinema Paradiso



Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore/155 mins/ Italy/Colour/Digital

Synopsis:  Cinema Paradiso is a 1988 Italian film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. The story revolves around a boy who grew up in a native Sicilian Village returns home as a famous director after receiving news about the death of an old friend. Under the fatherly influence of Alfredo, Salvatore falls in love with film making, with the duo spending many hours discussing about films & Alfredo painstakingly teaching Salvatore the skills that became a stepping stone for the young boy into the world of film making. The film brings the audience through the changes in cinema & the dying trade of traditional film making, editing & screening. 


Won an Oscar, Golden Globe & KCFCC Award for Best Foreign language Film.  



Tribute to Guru Dutt by Shaishavi Kadakia


Guru Dutt

A man rejected in his lifetime, revered after his death. 

Guru Dutt was a strange man – an enigma. He was like grains of sand, one can hold them, but never grasp them. Guru Dutt did not just make movies, he conjured them. Unfortunately, no one gave him his due when he lived, not even he himself. The hunger for love, appreciation and perfection drove him to despair and alcoholism and finally consumed his life.

 Gham is qadar badhe ke main ghabrake pee gayaIs dil ki bebasi pe taras khake pee gayaThhukra raha tha mujhko badi der se jahanMain aaj sab jahan ko thhukra ke pee gaya.

Pyaasa, 1957.

 Guru Dutt’s Childhood: 

Gurudutta Padukone was born on the 9th of July, 1925, in Karnataka. He was not Bengali, as most people believe him to be. Yet, he was so enamoured by Bengal, where he stayed for a few years, that he changed his name to Guru Dutt (Dutt being a Bengali surname).

After learning dance from Uday Shankar’s dance academy at Almora, he set out for Bombay where he got his first break as a dance director in the 1948 movie Hum Ek Hain. Incidentally, this was Dev Anand’s first movie, too. And, as fate had it, Guru Dutt and Dev Anand met in strange circumstances (at the dhobi’s where their clothes had got exchanged), began a long friendship and a professional union. Continue reading

Korean Extravaganza : By Monojit Banerjee



Our member Monojit Banerjee writes his first post on our Blog which is an excellent blend of some ‘interesting must-watch’ films & his journey through the Korean films which is fascinating & an enthralling experience. Here is what he writes:  The substance that leaves me awestruck every time is the Korean filmmaking. The way they effortlessly dare to explore the most profound corners of the human mind is unparalleled in the whole world. Even the mindless Hollywood gore/splatter flicks with extended scenes of torture look so bland and amateur in front of these utterly stylish jaw droppers. Continue reading

Pune International Film Festival : 10th to 17th Jan 2008


   A Brief History of Pune International Film Festival:

The Pune International Film Festival is a week long affair with films across the globe starting from 10th till 17th 2008. The presence of FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) for a very long time has generated an unparalleled “intellect” Cinema audience base. 

Keeping in mind these things, the Pune International Film Festival launched its pursuit to bring the best in “celluloid” to the vast audience of Pune in 2002 with its first “International Film Festival”. It has been evolving as a major annual event. Started in 2002 the Pune International Film Festival has a history of screening the elite and distinguished films like Bosnian film “No Man’s Land” , South African film “Yesterday”, Afghanistan’s ‘Earth and Ashes’, India’s ‘Shwaas’. 

      FOR OUR MEMBERS THERE WOULD BE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS AT THE PUNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Simply flash your valid Enlighten Membership card and get a discount on your tickets.

This Week At Enlighten : Born Into Brothels


 Directed by: Zana Briski & Ross Kauffman/85 mins/ India/ Colour/Digital

 Synopsis:  Born Into Brothels is a 2004 documentary directed by Zana Briski & Ross Kauffman. It has won an Oscar for the Best Documentary including 13 other wins & 3 nominations.   Within the Red Light District of Calcutta this documentary explores the fruitless lives of the sons & daughters of prostitutes through photography & film. The director (Zana Briski) is determined to use the photography to provide the children with the opportunity for higher education, hope & a better life. By the end of the film most of the children are enrolled & attending classes, however not all take the opportunity & choose to return to the brothels.


            Won an Oscar, Golden Kinnaree Award, Audience Choice   

             Award & Truer Than Fiction Award for Best Documentary Feature.


This Week At Enlighten : Monsieur Ibrahim


    Monsieur Ibrahim

Directed By : François Dupeyron/94 mins/France/Colour/Digital Synopsis: Monsieur Ibrahim is 2003 French film directed by François Dupeyron. In a working class neighborhood, two unlikely characters—a young Jew named Momo lives with his father and his only friends are the street whores who treat him with genuine affection  and an elderly Muslim named  Ibrahim—begin a long-lasting  friendship. After Momo is abandoned by his father Ibrahim becomes the one man in Momo’s life. Together they begin a journey that will change their lives forever. 

Awards and Recognitions : 

* Nominated for : Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language film 

* Won : Best International Literature Adaptation

Hessian Film Award. 

About the Film :

Monseuir Ibrahim is a simple but an extraordinary tale of a man who wishes to gift a young boy who is deprived of parental love; all the knowledge and experiences of his lifetime. He says he is happy because he knows what is written in his Koran. He is believes in Sufism which is free of orthodox rituals and false customs. Religion according to him is what we tend to believe from within our soul. He adopts him, they take a trip to Turkey together, Momo teaches Ibrahim how to drive and together they begin a friendship which would last for a lifetime.