This Week At Enlighten : Monsieur Ibrahim


    Monsieur Ibrahim

Directed By : François Dupeyron/94 mins/France/Colour/Digital Synopsis: Monsieur Ibrahim is 2003 French film directed by François Dupeyron. In a working class neighborhood, two unlikely characters—a young Jew named Momo lives with his father and his only friends are the street whores who treat him with genuine affection  and an elderly Muslim named  Ibrahim—begin a long-lasting  friendship. After Momo is abandoned by his father Ibrahim becomes the one man in Momo’s life. Together they begin a journey that will change their lives forever. 

Awards and Recognitions : 

* Nominated for : Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language film 

* Won : Best International Literature Adaptation

Hessian Film Award. 

About the Film :

Monseuir Ibrahim is a simple but an extraordinary tale of a man who wishes to gift a young boy who is deprived of parental love; all the knowledge and experiences of his lifetime. He says he is happy because he knows what is written in his Koran. He is believes in Sufism which is free of orthodox rituals and false customs. Religion according to him is what we tend to believe from within our soul. He adopts him, they take a trip to Turkey together, Momo teaches Ibrahim how to drive and together they begin a friendship which would last for a lifetime. 



  1. excellent film—***** ratings

    omar sharif deserves full marks for his role as Mr ibrahim and so does the little boy -Momo

    keep up the good work of showing us sensible films

  2. Thanks Hitesh!

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