Korean Extravaganza : By Monojit Banerjee



Our member Monojit Banerjee writes his first post on our Blog which is an excellent blend of some ‘interesting must-watch’ films & his journey through the Korean films which is fascinating & an enthralling experience. Here is what he writes:  The substance that leaves me awestruck every time is the Korean filmmaking. The way they effortlessly dare to explore the most profound corners of the human mind is unparalleled in the whole world. Even the mindless Hollywood gore/splatter flicks with extended scenes of torture look so bland and amateur in front of these utterly stylish jaw droppers.My fascination with Korean Cinema began with the commercially successful and critically acclaimed “Old Boy”. I remember how reluctant I was about this movie that I kept postponing it for a long while. To be frank, I was not expecting such dynamite from this tiny nation tucked away in the far eastern corner of this planet. It was the time when I was on this crazy hunt for “extreme” movies and the Italian “Salo” and French “Irreversible” ruled my mind. Anyway after much hesitation (and lack of alternative) one fine day I gave it a go with drastic outcomes. I confess I hardly moved a muscle during those 2 hours. This one gave me creeps which stayed with me for long. How effortlessly can someone depict social taboo in the big screen in a most presentable way? Old Boy is the answer. Next one was a horror movie called “A Tale of Two Sisters”. It scared the wits out of me. Not because of the usual “blood and gore” but because of lack of it. I am an devoted horror fanatic but this movie is in a different league. It’s an atmospheric masterpiece with no axe wielding psycho killer or killer zombies; here is a flick that demonstrates how to create an eerie atmosphere without resorting to the clichéd horror props.


Then came the vengeance trilogy. “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” and “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”. I could not have asked for more. Typical revenge stories but told with such a distinct style that only the Korean filmmakers have mastered so well. The non-linear complicated storyline along with some outstanding cinematography left me floored.Infact I have a lot of appreciation for the monster-movie “Gwoemul -The Host” also. IMAO, this one is 10 times better than Godzilla minus the publicity & hype.I was however a bit disappointed by “My Sassy Girl“. A Love story? Come on…not my kind of flick (Though I must admit the movie making was flawless) but just as I was about to get distracted, “Save the Green Planet” made me the most ardent worshipper of Korean Cinema. Wow! What a storytelling. To give away the plot, the protagonist feels that there are aliens amongst us who are masquerading as next door neighbors. As the movie progresses, we are left to figure whether the protagonist is a sick psychopath or is the next door guy indeed from Jupiter. And it does it so convincingly well that you are left awestruck by the time movie ends. Since then I have seen quite a few of them (“Memories of Murder” & “JSA”) and seldom have I been disappointed. I very strongly recommend intelligent Korean Cinema to connoisseurs.   

 (Written by our member: -By Monojit Banerjee)   


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  1. for the romantic in you, do ry watching 3 Iron (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0423866/) – well made bizzarely romantic film!

    Three Times (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0459666/) is an interesting idea but could have been better.

    And lastly, you MUST see Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… And Spring

    No blood or gore here, but pretty well made

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