My Wishlist

So you are a die-hard Alfred Hitchcock fan or in love with black-n-white classics, you swear by Majid Majdi or Satyajit Ray, Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Antonioni just like us! This is a place where you can add your “wish list” and “must-see” films.  We would try and make them come true!



  1. i havent seen or heard of this one, but my friend is all fan of movie “sincity”

    i dont know how it is or is it worth watching at all…

    but i want to see this movie someday

  2. Hai , This is sameer and I m ur very much member. As I m from a small city of ajmer I have missed these great films which I m going through u. Its a great experience . Really . casablanca my first film and hey its just I have no eords for mr. bogart and ms. burgman. Se is so beautiful that i ave …………….
    bye waiting for ur next show

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